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August 22, 2018

2018 Charity Golf Outing

Last Saturday was Visioneering's 8th annual charity golf outing. This year we raised over $25,000 for our partner charities! Special thanks to our platinum sponsors: AHB Tooling & Machinery, Inc, Dropsa USA, Precision Mold & Machining, and Absolute Laser Welding Solutions.

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Destiny Lopez
May 6, 2017

Boeing 777X Vent Stringer Tooling Package

In 2016, Visioneering manufactured and delivered three Boeing 777X Vent Stringer Lay Up molds. The package includes two 108' tools and one 88' tool. The tooling requirements were so large that the stringers had to be constructed out of multiple invar pieces and welded together prior to finish machining the tool surface. The stringers presented a unique opportunity for Visioneering to machine the stringers on our new Innse Berardi Double Gantry. Visioneering was able to ...

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Matt Elmes
February 16, 2017

Increased Capabilities

Visioneering takes pride in listening and understanding our customers’ needs and wants. We treat our customers’ feedback and industry vision as key components to better serve the aerospace community. With the constant advancements in composite parts manufacturing a greater emphasis is being put on tighter tolerance tooling. Building accuracy into the tooling is essential for our customers to take advantage of today’s high performance composite materials and processes. That is why it is essential for ...

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Matt Elmes
August 9, 2016

New State of the Art Facility

Visioneering has always been considered a leader in the aerospace tooling community. The company has grown considerably over the years and has always adapted to the aerospace community's needs. With the ever changing production landscape of the aviation industry with advancements in composite technologies, aircraft parts and the tools that make them have become bigger and more complex. In 2013 Visioneering had to make a decision to better serve these needs. Visioneering’s assets were spread ...

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Tim Bellestri

Visioneering's assets were spread across three facilities creating inefficiencies, unnecessary delays and logistics constraints. The solution was to build a new modern facility large enough to facilitate all Visioneering departments while improving capabilities by adding new larger machines.

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