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August 9, 2016
New State of the Art Facility

Visioneering has always been considered a leader in the aerospace tooling community. The company has grown considerably over the years and has always adapted to the aerospace community’s needs. With the ever changing production landscape of the aviation industry with advancements in composite technologies, aircraft parts and the tools that make them have become bigger and more complex. In 2013 Visioneering had to make a decision to better serve these needs. Visioneering’s assets were spread out across three facilities creating unnecessary delays and inefficiencies when moving jobs between departments as well as communications issues across the board. Visioneering had to respond to these challenges and the response was clear. Build a new, modern building large enough to facilitate all Visioneering departments while improving capabilities by adding new, larger machines.

Visioneering chose Auburn Hills, Michigan as the site for its green fielded production facility. With close proximity to Detroit Metro Airport, Flint Airport and major freeways for shipping. The site itself was considered an asset and breaking grown was the next step.

The 182,000 sq ft (152,000 sq ft of manufacturing space) building sits on a 28 acre site. Which allows the building to be expanded an additional 90,000 sq ft. The new facility was designed with aerospace tooling in mind. A multitude of cranes were a necessity for production flow. High bays with a crane hook height of 30′ as well as 30′ wide overhead doors also assist in ease of manufacturing and shipping. While allowing Visioneering to take on larger projects.

The building is set up with 5 bays. (2) for fabrication, (1) for machining and (2) for assembly. Each bay is segmented off from the next to reduce FOD and to ensure consistent atmosphere with our state of the art computer controlled climate system.

To compliment the new building; two new machines with a total of three spindles were added. Visioneering partnered up with Innse Berardi, a world leader in large bed 5 axis machines. Visioneering partnered with Innse Berardi for the procurement of 975″ x 273″ x 117″ Double Gantry and a 390″ x 234″ x 117″ Single gantry 5 axis machines. To help ensure downtime would not be an issue, Visioneering is Innse Berardi’s North American warehouse for all spare parts.

These major improvements and more have been implemented to better serve our customers growing needs and challenges. To learn more about how Visioneering can make your new program a success please contact us at (248)622-5600 or email at visales@vistool.com

written by Tim Bellestri

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Visioneering's assets were spread across three facilities creating inefficiencies, unnecessary delays and logistics constraints. The solution was to build a new modern facility large enough to facilitate all Visioneering departments while improving capabilities by adding new larger machines.

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