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May 6, 2017
Boeing 777X Vent Stringer Tooling Package

In 2016, Visioneering manufactured and delivered three Boeing 777X Vent Stringer Lay Up molds. The package includes two 108′ tools and one 88′ tool. The tooling requirements were so large that the stringers had to be constructed out of multiple invar pieces and welded together prior to finish machining the tool surface.

The stringers presented a unique opportunity for Visioneering to machine the stringers on our new Innse Berardi Double Gantry. Visioneering was able to utilize the dual gantry spindles simultaneously during the final machining phase of the stringer tools. By utilizing the duel gantry machine we were able to machine each half of the tool at the same time. By doing this we cut our machining time in half on a date critical program. Below is a video taken during the final machining process.

written by Matt Elmes

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Robin Walton
July 1, 2017

Fantastic achievement. I am lead inspector at Hockley Pattern and Tool in the UK. Working on invar wing spar tooling in the past I can fully appreciate the problems you must of faced controlling such a project. This is impressive.

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