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February 16, 2017
Increased Capabilities

Visioneering takes pride in listening and understanding our customers’ needs and wants. We treat our customers’ feedback and industry vision as key components to better serve the aerospace community.

With the constant advancements in composite parts manufacturing a greater emphasis is being put on tighter tolerance tooling. Building accuracy into the tooling is essential for our customers to take advantage of today’s high performance composite materials and processes. That is why it is essential for tooling suppliers to keep up on the latest advancements in manufacturing and design.

Visioneering is pleased to announce the purchase of a third 500 ton Accurpress break press and 5 axis waterjet that will be delivered 2nd quarter 2017. The new break press and 5 axis waterjet join Visioneering’ s already strong fabrication capabilities and increases our metal forming capacities by 30%.  Additional information about this new equipment can be provided upon request.  Please contact Matt Elmes (melmes@vistool.com).



written by Matt Elmes

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Visioneering's assets were spread across three facilities creating inefficiencies, unnecessary delays and logistics constraints. The solution was to build a new modern facility large enough to facilitate all Visioneering departments while improving capabilities by adding new larger machines.

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